Personal branding as a style of life

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By Alla Nadezhkina

With the development of social networks and all kinds of services for instant communication, more and more people began to create their own brands and to distribute them in a global network.

Modern technologies make it possible to quickly establish contacts around the world to inform people about your achievements, share experiences and promote your business or creative projects.


While creating a brand with real value on a mobile gadget is simple, it’s not enough to just create a global profile. The foundation of a personal brand should be based on virtue, as well as personal principles and values but not on current conjuncture.

History knows many people whose names have become brands. All of these people have made significant contributions to the development of certain industries. For example, Einstein – a brand associated with science, Che Guevara – with a struggle for freedom, and Marilyn Monroe – with female sexuality.

Of course, people who have made their name brand were not only talented in their spheres of activity, but also worked hard to be their talents and achievements have been recognized throughout the world. Moreover, these people created their own brand based on their strengths. The development of strengths of a brand creates value, without which the brand has no force and cannot act on the consumers.

Therefore, the creation of a personal brand does not begin with an attempt to grasp the immensity, to master something that is not given, but with the search of how we are uniquely powerful and can become even stronger. Because power gives us an advantage, our rapid personal growth makes brand more effectively.

Treat this work should be with the utmost responsibility, as defect at the stage of the personal SWOT-analysis, negative impact on the final result. Your personal brand or will not have enough impact or harm your image and call into question your professional and personal competence.

Summarizing the above I’d like to note that when you are making a decision about creation of personal brand you should pay maximum attention of setting goals, planning activities promoting personal brand, as well as personal development.