Traveling through the stars

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Alla Nadezhkina

All my life I like the new, all my life I look to the future, it is always interesting for me!

Maya Plisetskaya (Russian ballerina, the legend of world ballet)

It’s no secret that over the past 20 years the world has undergone major changes. Life became harder, it makes us more demanding. In our personal life, in the family and in the organizations where we work, we are faced with problems and challenges that are not faced by our parents when we were the same as we are.

These radical changes in social and political life and the powerful shifts in the global market are forcing many people to reflect on the question of how to enhance the professional efficiency and as a result become more financial independent and at the same time do not undermine a health, to save the relationships with loved ones and friends and create a groundwork for future generation.


One of the recognized leaders in business and personal psychology Stephen Covey says that “if you want to reach the highest goals and to achieve the most difficult challenges, formulate the principle or natural law that determines the results that you want to get and follow it.”

We journalists, who are used to set ambitious personal goals and participate in advanced projects, should be clear about the benchmark, which will help us not to stray from the intended path. In other words, we all need a guiding star, personal legend, personal mission.

Personal mission – it is a written system of your personal settings and the principles by which we clearly envision all the way to the development of each of the events of our life, from conception through realization ways, ending the result of an action – personal, social or professional. That is personal mission is our core, our support, that not subject to natural changes. However, do not try to write a personal mission for one day. Life is changing, and we have the right to review its principles and in our mission to make appropriate adjustments. At the same time, people can not live successfully in the face of constant change, with no change in eludes the core.

Once aware of our mission we can confidently look to the future, not paying attention to biases and prejudices. We will have the main trend according to which we will direct our lives.

Provisions of our personal mission will become more balanced and it will be much easier to work with them if we organize it according to the specific roles we played in the life and challenges that we are going to perform in each of these roles. We can constantly keep track of whether you are not carried away with any one role to the detriment of others.

Each of us plays several roles in or life related to various areas or activities for which we are responsible. For example, I can fulfill the role of mother, wife, journalist,  friend and others. And each of these roles is important.

If we start writing our mission, focusing on our most important roles, it will determine its orientation in view of what is really important to us. A simple definition of the different areas of our life and in each of them – the two or three most important results that you have to achieve will open to us an overall perspective of our life and will indicate the direction of development.

Inspired by the ideas outlined in the book by Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, as well as the amazing life of famous Russian ballerina Maya Plesetskaya, I made an attempt to develop such provisions, and personal mission:

My mission: to sow around myself reasonable, good, eternal.

In order to fulfill my mission priorities are the following principles based on which I execute my roles:

Mother. I will help your children create a strong physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional base that will help them in life.

Wife. My spouse and me, we are one team. We are focused on the creation, based on the principles of interdependence and synergy. We help and support each other.

Daughter. I will always be grateful to my parents for what they gave me a life, cared for me and loved me. And I’ll never forget it. My attitude toward my parents will be an example for my children.

Friend. I’m ready to share, to inspire, to empathize, to help, to understand.

Personality. I’m proactive. I think positive. I do my best and believe I’ll get the best.

Journalist. I tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Explorer. I never stop exploring! I always keep my mind open for something new. And I believe that all good things come to he who waits.