Straighten up and take a walk

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I will be mixing up two different topics here – global mindset and characteristics & skills I lack or have to make my business/project/baby rolling.

As a Humphrey fellow I took a test by Thunderbird Najafi Global Mindset institute and self evaluated my global mindset. I ended up having low Self Assurance and Interpersonal Impact but apparently I am super openminded and passionate for diversity. My assumption is that it is wishful thinking and low self esteem that showed up in this test.

I wish we had a chance to do 360 degree test. That would be like a rough but definitely useful development for anyone in our position.

I know what I think of myself but in the global relations you often end up just guessing what others think of you, because they just would tell you. I consider myself to be honest but most probably someone thinks that I am just rude.

So I was trying to check if my global mindset’s lower scores would tell me something that I could use to improve myself. Here is what I found noteworthy in their guidebook:

Photo by Milena Ivanovic
Photo by Milena Ivanovic


  • Not to surround myself with only people who are similar to me.
  • When meeting people  – better to take walks instead of sit-downs.
  • Don’t eat too much at lunch!
  • Practice yoga, meditation (I definitely should calm down more often. Also one of my CEO’s have complained that I type too hysterically!)
  • Use dynamic language (I should research what is that, but sounds good!)
  • Have an alternative name for yourself that captures your spirit (Fellows, do you remember my ship’s name?) and behave like that;
  • Music helps.
  • Have an example to adopt (I am trying to find one!)

Self confidence:

  • Have a support network;
  • Optimism can be learned;
  • Deep breathing (many roads lead to this);
  • Monitor myself for negative messages and replace them;
  • Take acting classes ( I have started a Broadcast performance class. That’s a step, I think);
  • Have a list of 10-15 accomplishments that I am proud of in the last 5 years ( I believe this is the best advice from all. This is something everyone should keep in mind and preferably have even more. I should make a list of 15 things I will bring back home from here).
  • Do scenario planning ( I have started a course about the future of the American dream and scenario planning – check!).

And now my note book says that sarcasm is problematic in many cultures and I have a bunch of links about this topic and I have no clue if this was also supposedly be relevant to my low self assurance scale. I believe that laugh and humor can both bring and solve troubles in global relations. Everyday we should consume something funny and more the people will be able to understand and share jokes the merrier and healthier the relationship. I am just still left with my self esteem trouble. I will try to joke about that.