Fenced country

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I have a long past relations with Mexico. I have seen its beautiful beaches, Spaniard cities and native Mexican mountain villages. During our borderlands trip I saw a new perspective of Mexico but I am still not able to tell a story what is really happening there.

I am just so sorry that the borders exist, people still try to cross it alive or dead, and there is no better solution invented.

Border US - Mexico
The US politician piñata – US/Mexican border in Nogales Arizona and Sonora . Felt it and disliked it.

I think it was the major of Nogales Sonora – Galindo – who said how worthy it might be if the money of border protection was invested in the infrastructure. It’s not possible but when I imagine that I see very wealthy cities around and lots of people with work to do. But Mexico still have so many homework to do to become a trusted neighbor and a trusted home country for it’s own people. I know that more and more are finding happiness (work and education?) inside its own borders but it will never be a success if security issues will remain a problem.

I will always wish to explore it more but I will also consider my safety first.