Thoughts on personal branding

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According to branding strategy insider website Global brands are brands that are recognized throughout the world. Companies intending to create global brands need to do the following: 1. identify the relative attractiveness of each market for your brand and 2- Conduct attitude and usage studies in each country in which you are considering entering.

Global personal branding might be similar to companies branding, but the first question would be what is my global brand? Where is my audience located? What are the different methods of reaching out to them?

Studies have shown that there are two keys for powerful brands: authenticity and persuasiveness

There are some elements I believe need to be taken into consideration when building a personal brand on social media such as originality of the content and frequent communication with the audience. In the meantime, discovering your personal brand might be hard since Personal brand is the sum of your inner and outer brand…a complete depiction of how others see you.

Branding yourself will come with a cost for sure, sometimes people think that building a global personal brand is only about building their image. But sometimes  promoting yourself and your personal brand is selfish, counterproductive and it takes you away from actual work that you should have been doing.

I believe that building personal brand will come by time if you only focus on what you are doing at the moment not yourself. That being said, there is nothing wrong with promoting yourself but be smart about it. Once you do very well, words will get around and your personal brand will grow.

Personal brand is not the tweets and the Facebook posts that you write and edit very carefully. Personal brand is about your decisions, your attitude, your actions and the work you do.