Making the Most of (Social) Media

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How can I make the most of my global reach considering anyone in the world with access to the internet can be made aware of what I’m doing on a Friday night? How can I curate my social media to ensure my online presence reflects the brand I wish to create for myself? Well, I must first decide if I want a global brand to begin with and the effort that goes into creating that.

A person’s motivation to use social media differs greatly depending on the person. One may genuinely want to connect with others via friend requests or comment sections on high trafficked posts, one may utilize social media for the “news” it delivers, and one may be attempting to advertise the services they provide, whether individually or as a business. Additionally, one may not have a career related goal yet in regards to the brand they create for themselves on social media and that is okay too. This obligation that exists to maintain a social media presence because of the brand you are to create is not the case for everyone and some may genuinely post just to post, motivated by how many “likes” a clever caption can receive.

Whichever use of social media is best for everyone, authenticity should be maintained throughout. Social media, specifically accounts like Instagram and Facebook, have the power to seriously skew the way in which people portray their lives. Being true to yourself within your social brand helps to establish creditability, no matter the level of online notoriety you wish to receive. One who is looking to establish their online persona can note the tips in this article 7 Habits to Make your Brand More Authentic on Social Media and note that consistency and transparency are among the seven tips. While I believe this to be mostly self explanatory, in terms of establishing a following I believe portraying a sense of authentic experience is crucial to having people support your social media efforts.

I would argue that the current, the goals I have for my life, both personally and professionally, do not require me to create a global brand. I am not a rising journalist, and I am not held to certain standards on social media that limit the partisan opinions I voice through all of my social media accounts, and this is how I am most happy utilizing social media. I choose not to befriend my cowers and supervisors because of the strong opinions I voice and my disinterest in censoring those personal opinions based on my professional relationships. As I better establish my professional career and further utilize professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, I believe my social media usage will change.  One’s social media is reflective of the goals they have established in that moment and just as the goals are subject to change, so is the social media presence contributing to an ever evolving global brand.