Humankindness in 21st century

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A man is driving a car and suddenly realizes a baby horse in middle of the roadway. His first idea is to  grab a stick and try to direct the baby horse to the field where a crowd of horses is desperately waiting for the young one. Then, the driver realizes to take a care of horse and pick him up in his arms, as a baby, and carry him wo the field.

This is just one story with a strong title Hello Humankidness.  A TV commercial with a special promotion aimed at social media, delivers a great campaign with a series of important reminders of who we are and who we want to be. In the world that can leave people isolated, Dignity Health, a health clinic, is helping to unleash the healing power of humanity, their key message. An act of humanity can be an act of heroism, big or small. I would say that sometimes small acts to someone becomes huge for someone else. Kindness is a more personal than concrete act, but still very powerful. In explanation of this campaign we, as a audience, gets the message that an act when one person creates a connection with another, strengthens them both.

When health clinic promotes their work and attitude to diverse people, they try to underline health benefits for human being no matter who they are. Just a couple ideas: Respectful care boosts your immune system, human connection decreases your blood pressure,stress is a disease healed by human connection, honoring the bond we share as humans is good for all of us.

It is easy to see benefits from human connection, or in business life from networking. Even though you are introvert and enjoy in your freedom and peace, sharing, helping and connecting wakes up the best in us.

So  the easy conclusion is just be friendly and treat yourself with respect and dignity and all around you will have benefits from that. In the real life, sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves, to listen our wishes and needs, to follow our breath end enjoy. However, always I could count on my friends, family, colleagues, they are my support when I lose touch with myself.

But sometimes, total strangers could be our great friends and supporters in the new chapter of our lives. In oral tradition from history of my country there are a lot of stories about how good neighbors are more beneficial than a brother in other town. On the same way previous Humphrey fellows, with their stories, contacts and support  were helpful to myself and my family during our move from our home country to U.S., from comfort zone to absolutely new environment, from routine to exploring our limits, possibilities, fears. Sometimes I feel they are my family, they have already gone through same situation and knew exactly what to say, when to give up. Sometimes I could not tell anyone what was on my mind except to people who already were on my spot.

Though that is not something new in my life, it still is unusual because for the first time I shared with a total stranger, on mine and their second language via social media personal life and dilemma. However,  those moments are priceless and I know they are my new friends.

In a journalistic world you are rich as much as many contacts you have. Of course I should protect my sources and my story, but still sharing and discussing with my colleagues always brings me a new friendship and finally the best stories.

If I had to choose just one takeaway from impressive Global Leadership last week , I would choose meeting with Nora, pretty Macedonian fellow with IT and manager background, now at Syracuse University. I am not sure if I would have the chance to visit her during this fellowship because if I go to the State of New York, first choice will be New York City. But no matter what, Nora and myself have already started to built a great plans for next summer at the Ohrid lake.

Without special connection with yourself and people around you, everything is empty and inaccurate. I remember how I was thrilled to go home after I got the highest grade in the school. If I came home earlier while my parents were still at work, I felt so disappointed as much as I did not get the best grade. If I could not share my success to someone, I could not be happy. Also, if I could not help to someone to make at least small step forward in his life, I would not be happy. Hello Humankidness is a magical greeting and I encourage you to put that sometimes on your mind or at Thanksgiving card.