experiencing a new era of development

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Reception at the State Department

The world is experiencing a new era of development. During my lifetime, I had the opportunity to attend many conferences and forums around the world but what I witnessed during the Global Leadership Forum (GLF) was a different experience for me.

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the Global Leadership Forum (GLF) in Washington D.C. The experience was very enriching on different levels; having the chance to meet people from all over the globe, sharing experiences, thoughts and knowledge was magnificent. I was very privileged to connect with over a hundred and fifty fellows and professionals in their careers, which exposed me to the idea that all the different topics and issues which we are studying are interconnected in a many ways and we will never be able to achieve effective development in our countries without sharing and connecting.

All of the participants and panelists had a unique perspective about several topics such as media, health, environment and human rights. During the GLF, we understood the significance of building and enhancing positive relations between our countries in our interconnected world. Throughout the week, I was inspired to be amongst such intellectual and active fellows in a scholarly environment. I felt that it was especially important for me as a Humphrey fellow to participate in this conference because as agents of potential change in our home countries, applying a theoretical and practical concept of development will be an important aspect of that change.

We had really interesting conversations with fellows from the same region where we exchanged ideas about the challenges which our region faces at the moment and how we can work together as a future leaders on solving those challenges. On the other hand, I was able to connect with previous fellows and they gave me a lot of advice. The advice I will take home with me is that I should use my time here in the USA very wisely by focusing on developing my career and using every available tool and opportunity to enhance my skills and learn something new.

Regional Group Meeting

Thank you to the State Department, IIE  for the great continuous opportunities, and thank you my fellow scholars for sharing your knowledge with everyone at the conference.