Strategic leadership

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The book cover

In our current world, there are so many types of leaders; some were born as leaders and some worked very hard to get there. From politics to sports, efficient leaders are very important to the success of any organization. There are different types of leaders but I believe that the most successful ones are the flexible leaders who adapt to change since we live in a very fast paced world with new innovations everyday.

The book I read was The Lord of Flies. In summary, the book is a story about survival and leadership. It is about a group of schoolboys who were on a plane that crashed into an island. The pilot of the plane did not survive and the boys found themselves stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. The students were alone on the island without any supervision since the pilot did not survive.

The main characters of the book were three boys with different leadership styles: Jack, Ralph and Piggy.The author presented different leadership styles, like Jack who was described as a selfish leader who did not care about the group, but he had his own goals because he did not help anyone unless they helped him hunt. Jack had no feelings for anyone, an effective leader should care about his followers. Jack maintained obedience by using violence and force.

Also, there was Piggy who was described in the book as an intelligent and logical leader who lacked physical appearance as he was described as an overweight boy with poor eyesight and asthma. Throughout the book, Piggy represented an intellectual and logical leadership style. Piggy always asked questions and came up with creative ideas to keep everyone alive.

In addition, there was Ralph who was elected as their leader. He was not elected because he was the best to lead them but because of a conch shell he had. He turned out to be a good leader with great leadership skills. Ralph focused on the long-term plans as he always looked to the future.

Reading this book made me think about what kind of leader I am. Well, It is a tough question to answer at the moment because I believe that remaining successful requires a different way of thinking about how to marshal the resources and deliver services. Also, after researching about different leadership styles, I would consider myself a strategic leader. This video talks more about strategic leaders.