Dalia’s Mission Statement: Be Happy كن سعيداً

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My mission can be summarized in just two words ” Be Happy . In my opinion, Happiness is a constant and on going goal that we aim to achieve in every single moment in our life!, Sometimes different emotions is just a preamble to your happiness so we cant ignore this emotions but to give it a prober space and get it out. Hence, All my goals whether it is professional or personal goals are centralized on that big goal . In order to be happy ,I would like to continue working on what I love and passionate about using all media means , pitching stories I am excited about , exploring people , places and humanities. In my “seeking for happiness ” journey, I believe once I reach my happiness moments , I would be able to spread  positive  energy that comes from happiness to  all over my surrounding and  to the whole world and then make the  positive change.

I strongly believe that ” Happiness make the change ” 

so ” Be happy, spread and share happiness and that makes the change “

Here are some artistic pieces that inspire me

An Arabic Calligraphy  means” Be happy Be Unique “

A  recent song for Tamer Hosny,a very popular Egyptian Singer in a duo with Shagy

An old Monologue of a very popular Comedian “Ismael Yassen”  lyrics : All of us need happiness , let me happiness owner , what is the meaning of happiness ?