How was DC?

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Edited by Isaac Windes

As I Promised in my previous blog, I’m back to share with you my Washington D.C. stay. It was an amazing experience that I had. Humphrey fellows from 13 Universities, a total of 150 gathered, shared experiences, presented what we have been working on, visited the State Capitol, the White House, Museums … invited by Department of State, so much within this short period of time.

The first day, we went to the Washington College of Law for cross campus collaboration. Most of the discussion focused on human rights issues and Journalists challenges- Ms. Nanythe Talani (Humphrey Fellow 2015-2016), torture survivor and human rights activist from Congo-Brazzaville shared with us her experiences. She faced many challenges when working as investigative reporter in her country. She is a brave journalist! In addition, Mr. Leonce Byimana and Ms. Andrea Barron shared with us challenges faced by human rights defenders and journalists around the world. Beyond that we got the chance to get to know each other, it was a good combination- fellows backgrounds include Journalists, Judges, Police and Prosecutors.






The GLF- Global Leadership Forum

On Sunday, I met the fellows who came from the 13 universities and visited downtown Washington. We talked, took pictures and I was introduced to many of the fellows. It was fun. When we came back, we had a welcome reception organized by IIE and State department. Mick Caouette, who produced documentary about Hubert H. Humphrey also shared with us information about Hubert H. Humphrey, what he stood for and his vision. I found Hubert Humphrey very energetic, passionate, he spoke from his heart, serving the public was in his heart, it’s very inspiring

Humphrey Fellows from d/t Universities           Humphrey Family member and Mick Caouette

From Monday to Wednesday lots of things took place. Among them, we presented what we have been prepared for – Press freedom, why we need press freedom, currently what’s the status of press freedom in the world, the challenges Journalists face and what’s expected from Humphrey fellows, US and International organization were discussed during our presentation, Journalists are threatened, beaten, fired from their jobs and killed, so our Conclusion is – #INeedPressFreedom


#INeedPressFreedom- by Jinjin Mo


On Tuesday night, we were invited in the Department of State, – Humphrey fellows, IIE and DoS staffs, My Ambassador also came, It was Nice!

I also got motivational speech from different professionals- they shared us about what they have been through, and how they managed that, and who they are now, nice experience.

With Prof.Camille Nelson, Dean American University WCL

After the Conference, I visited media institution- Voice of America(VOA). I really wanted to visit VOA and I did, Thanks to our Coordinators, I went to the department which broadcasts in three Ethiopian Languages- I met the reporters and producers, they showed me how they work, they gave me a tour, Thanks #VOAEthiopianLanguages

The other media I visited was ESAT- Ethiopian Satellite Television, which is an independent media based in the US, focused on Ethiopian Issues, especially politics, which has many audiences in several countries

I have also got the chance to visit some of the places of Washington DC, visited museums; it was interesting and fun- #ILoveWashington. Washington trip was very important and impactful; I made a lot connection- Networking. Very happy to meet Humphrey Fellows.