After loading the gun, I want to shoot

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After loading the gun, I want to shoot.

Last week I received a lot of frustrations. The class I had wanted to register denied me; the class I had wanted to audit denied me, the class which accepted me reached the limit of the given choice, the class which accepted me is not my preferred choice, the class which is my favorite one overlapped the compulsory class…

But now, I have done on choosing classes. After choosing the perfect classes, one thing I can do is studying hard. This is the precious opportunity – once in 10 years to me.

Dear all: it is our precious opportunity. Please face the every challenge.

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One Comment on “After loading the gun, I want to shoot”

  1. Do you want to shoot all those who denied you access to their courses or exceeded the class limit? I fully agree with you that we have to pay maximum attention to all the courses that we have selected to study.

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