Management and it’s difficulties

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I recently took on the role as General Manager for State Press Television- a part of Student Media at ASU. With it came the challenges of management, some of which I did not expect.

Today, Leonard Downie Jr. said “Praise in print, but scold, correct and instruct in person.” He said in context of how to dialogue with your staff in a newsroom. These words resonated in my mind for a few moments as I thought back to the yelling I had done not only verbally, but through email as well. Yet, the praising I did came mostly in the form of emails. I realized that in order to convey my thoughts and express how pleased I was with their progress I needed to find a way to do so that would catch their attention, even after the fact.

I decided today that I would take this advice, that I would only praise in my digital correspondence with my staff-the scolding, criticisms and instruction can all be just as effective in person.

2 Comments on “Management and it’s difficulties”

  1. I think we need to maintain a balance. As bosses, we need to be as generous in showering praise as we deem it necessary to scold our subordinates. I would not mind, though very rarely, admiring someone’s stupendous work in front of the co-workers. This is more than a digitally sent message of praise. It also engenders an atmosphere of competition (and (professional) jealousy as well!) among the staff members.

  2. I agree with you. Interpersonal communication is the best way to manage the situation. You can collect a presentation from Dr. Bill regarding connecting leadership. I think it will help you a lot.


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