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Well, we had an assignment for the HHH Seminar and it was to present the Media-PR-Advertising situation in our respective countries. Sounds like a routine task for an international academic group. But…

Seeing the real blood on the streets of Sri Lanka in a disturbing video, watching in front of us our Pakistani colleague who was in a real jail for doing his job, I am humbly amazed and the only word that comes to my mind is: Respect. 

My upcoming presentation about Croatian media now seems to me like a rosebud tea. And it makes me happy and hopeful for my country today. During what some people call “the last European war” we saw too much blood on the streets, we burried our colleagues who were killed while doing their job, and all the nation is surely still suffering from the PTSP syndrom. But…

We who survived must do our best to make it right, if nothing else because we owe this to them. Journalists do have their own political opinions of course, they are only humans. But the camera on the shoulder is definitely a different thing than a snyper.

Anybody dissagrees? Tell me, maybe I am wrong. Just don’t shoot me for being who I am and for saying what I think.

And even if we dissagree on too many matters, that is what might make our little group make a difference: each of us clearly puts a piece of heart into every task we share. That is what connects us now and that is why we will surely be friends forever. It may sound pathetic, but I think any kind word is better than silence. What do you think?

About Daria

Reporter, anchor, producer at HTV - Croatian public broadcasting network. Best in doing features, docutainment projects and live programs. Ex-executive producer of a breakfast show. Recipient of different national and international TV awards. Teacher of TV practicums at Zagreb University. French translator. 2000/01 Professional Development Year at UT in Knoxville-TN. Now mostly involved in internatonal media projects. Currently studying new media at ASU in Phoenix-AZ.

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One Comment on “Our Fellows’ Media”

  1. I am touched by your honesty. And yes, we defer. But as you have said, that is exactly what makes our group perfect: it is imperfect!
    Personally, I am a student of the school of hard knocks as I am sure you are. And my understanding of this particular topic, and indeed many other matters, is cynical. And that cynisism is grounded perhaps in my innate characteristic to question the bed of roses, and wonder if it is a grave. It’s not a good thing, or a bad thing. It’s just a ‘thing’..
    I personally don’t believe journalists always act in the selfless interest of the greater good. In my opinion, that is indefensible, as the quote said. But I do believe it is an essential cog in the wheel on which society runs. And that wheel needs to be oiled…….

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