Eat, Pray & Love

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I did not see the movie, but I really like the title.

After checking the Wiki, I got the storyline of the movie as well as the NY Times best seller novel:

“At 32 years old, Elizabeth Gilbert was educated and had a home, a husband, and a successful career as a writer. However, she was unhappy in her marriage and often spent the night crying on her bathroom floor. In the midst of an affair, she separated from her husband and initiated a divorce, which he contested. The affair continued for some time but did not work out, leaving her devastated and alone. While writing an article on yoga vacations in Bali, she met a ninth-generation medicine man who told her she would come back and study with him. After finalizing her difficult divorce, she spent the next year traveling. She spent four months in Italy, eating and enjoying life (Eat). She spent four months in India, finding her spirituality (Pray). She ended the year in Bali, Indonesia, looking for “balance” of the two and found love (Love) in the form of a dashing Brazilian factory owner. The trip was paid for in advance from the book deal for Eat Pray Love.”

4 months in Italy for eating;
4 months in India for praying;
4 months in Bali Island for love.

We will stay in America for almost one year. We don’t need to travel hard to experience, but stay in the Sates and enjoy the world three most important terms. How lucky we are! I really don’t think we should make trouble only until the trouble would trouble us.

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