Everyone’s a victim of assuming

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The biggest thought that crossed my mind today during our discussion of maintaining a productive and functioning team was that communication definitely plays a great role. Within that, assumptions about a person’s intent of actions or words leads to a catastrophic cycle of bad relations within a group or team. I’ve been victim and culprit of this, and I’m sure we all have. The proper way to go about ensuring that a team operates productively is constantly maintain communication and never make assumptions.

The outcome of such behavior could lead to a terrible work ethic and workflow within my department of Student Media at ASU. I strive to ensure that everyone is in constant communication, and I inject myself into the day to day activities of the staff while speaking to everyone individually in order to gauge everyone’s thoughts on progress and each other. This helps to debunk any false thinking or assumptions that may occur throughout the year.

Many of us have been in these situations, what could the worst outcomes possibly be in your various work environments?

3 Comments on “Everyone’s a victim of assuming”

  1. Sometimes the temper could influence people on making decision.

    People should know how to control his/her temper. Otherwise teamwork could cause team fight.

  2. I am agree with the spirit of this blog. I think we all are representing not only our-self but also representing our country and culture. We should think before we act.


  3. I’m definitely guilty of assuming as well. I react and let my temper go when I can’t understand the other person’s position. Maybe a better assumption to have would be that whatever decision that person is making, it is rational in their mind because of information you are probably not aware of.

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