Knotted Values

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You surely know how the simplest thing can unexpectedly become the toughest one.  And you realize that it may be just the peak of an iceberg lying somewhere deep in us, poisoning our legitimate basic human right to be happy, as a person or a group.

It happened to us HHH Fellows while putting together the usual charts of values and visions.  After endless discussions, our Macedonian colleague Aleksandra seemed to finally find a solution for two problematic words in the final version. It crossed my mind: once again Alexander the Great of Macedon cuts the Gordian Knot .

But… The morning after, I feel uncomfortable.  Why? Maybe because I am still clueless how my friendliest intentions during the discussion became insults. My old professor of French Semantics said: ˝Words and weapons stand too close in this world. And still Selam and Shalom both mean Peace.˝ If anybody does not understand what I mean, or even assume that I mean something bad by saying it, I am willing to explain the best I can that I mean the best.  

Don’t assume, ask me, know me. Remember what our Fellow wrote here recently? ˝They say when you assume, you make an a… of you and the others too!˝ I will rather talk until I drop than let the iceberg of our mutual trust melt away. Laugh at me if you want, but I seriously will. If international dialogue was easy, we wouldn’t be here together today.

Psychological meaning of the Gordian knot is: an unsolved problem that will always make our progress difficult, mostly because we don’t want to face it. The reason is usually more painful than we want to admit to ourselves. We can only move on when we see it clearly, and we can rarely cut it without some  help from someone we trust.

I found some interesting links related to the notion of the Gordian Knot to show how actual it is in many different fields and ways:  from Silicon Walley Watcher   to Crystalinks, Mathematical Association of America   and even KaGold Jewelry.

Can we be a collective Alexander the Great for our first real Gordian Knot? It’s up to us. I am looking forward to seeing our Mission, Vision and Value Statement posted on this blog. Without any second thoughts.


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2 Comments on “Knotted Values”

  1. I understand what your feeling is. I am sorry about that.

    One fellow told me that the value statement was just an unimportant one. We should leave it.

    I understand his point. I really want to leave it. All of us coming here are not for arguing with each other and hurting each other. We know that our goal is to develop ourselves. We have little time even for a sleep. The pressure is enormous that we sometimes can not breathe. How can we be bothered by some simple words?

    But, some simple but sensitive words could harm us. The words could not be the words themselves. The words become politics. I am reluctant to be involved in politics. I think everybody does not want to be involved in the politics. We should create harmony.

    This morning I randomly see one paper: Cronkite School Diversity Principles.

    “The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication practices inclusivity in student, staff and faculty populations in order to create an academic environment that embraces diversity of thought and acceptance of all people regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or societal, political, cultural, economic, spiritual or physical differences.”

    It is a good announcement. I like it.

  2. I understand what your feeling is as well, Yang. Hence I am not sorry, but happy for it.
    I also think that we all have come to a good agreement about our value statement and we are ready to share it with the world. So we should leave it not because we are fed up with coping with it, but because it shows to other international groups that we do share the basic values.
    I also agree that we should create harmony.
    I also like the Cronkite School Diversity Principles.
    Do we agree on too many subjects to keep the discussion alive? Just kidding, of course. I am truly happy that we agree on so many subjects connected to this discussion.
    Speaking of words and politics, did you notice that Croatia and China both begin with C? I think it can be a beginning of a beautiful friendship. (the end of the movie “Casablanca”, see more on:

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