The Railroad Builds Us

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It is a part of the old saying from the beginning of the “socialist renovation and rebuilding” of the RIP Yugoslavia after the World War II. The youth full of enthusiasm – like my mom and her friends – volunteered in different public works. Railroads were the most popular ones. That’s why the motto: “We build the railroad, the railroad builds us.”  Many generations laughed at that later on. But my mom still thinks that she had the time of her life back when… well, she was young and facing the great future.

 I don’t know why, our team-building activities at the HHH Seminar today made me think: “We build the team, the team builds us”. Maybe in 30 years some new generations will laugh at us and our efforts to do something good for this world that cares more for cash than change.

But it feels good to think that we care about doing something good. Here is a nice Google picture and some Team-building Tips from the same source.

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