Topic: Citizen Journalism

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I am really interested in this topic. In China I always hear the voice about pro-citizen journalism, especially when we are at the age of Internet.

Now media feel embarrassment when the news is firstly reported by the bloggers, the v-bloggers, and the Twitters. Someone says that citizens don’t know how to write or how to shoot. But the most important matter we could not ignore is citizens are the witness at the first site.

You encountered earthquake, you report about what you see or directly give the audience by image. You could express your fear – the plain expression could touch everyone. We often heard about suicide bomb. But do you see the face of the suicide bomber? Do you know what the bomber did during his/her last moment?

Now let’s talk about the profession on journalism. Could you ask yourself – do you really know how to write or shoot? Even if you have the talented skills, can you reveal the truth to the public? Even if you have the courage, can your boss or your organization permit you to reveal the truth? Maybe journalists from other countries could have the courage and they are lucky enough because the organization could give them freedom on reporting. When people live in one country which so called news is lame, reliable media are lying, people can not trust gate keepers. People want to know what is really happened. So at least in that country, citizen journalists have a broad developing field.

(This is one article before Dr. Bill sent the email. After reading the email I would see something I should add.)

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