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An interesting message in my HTV mailbox – invitation for a workshop: how to be excellent in everything you want in order to achieve any goal. It is free of charge, organized by MUI.  It is a Croatian abbreviation for  Model of Universal Excellence. The author Milan Grkovic offers the methode like a simple way to achieve a successful personal and business career.

If I was in Zagreb, I would certainly go to see what it is. But here in Arizona, I am just thinking how excellence is wanted everywhere these days.

The basic question is: how to make as many people as possible set and reach their individual and/or professional achievements in a simple and easy way? How to do it without depending on the environment, current level of our skills, experience and position? Briefly, how to feel good being ourselves, believe that we can make a positive change, and finally make it?

The basic answer from MUI: we need to find and freely use our suppressed personal creativity. No special preparation of exclusive knowledge is needed before starting using our hidden potentials. Each and every person has something unique that can be most needed in their social or working group. If  they dare express it, the results can be tremendous and a better position in that specific area can come as a natural consenquence.

It may sound naive and simplified, but the first free lesson I got from only one email worked for me. I tried to apply it on our Humphrey Fellows group. And it seems that our various ˝committees˝ work on that natural principle: geeks lead Social Media group, artists take care of Flickr, communicators organize events, house-keepers are the community natural nucleus even without officialy taking the position. Something like that… Do you agree, or am I just rambling?

Searching further on for excellence, I found an interesting reading: Seeking Excellence on the blog named Stoke the Fire  Within.  And some books connected to the subject you might be interested in:

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