Bribing Journalists

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By Malik Siraj Akbar

As discussed in the last Humphrey Seminar, I wish to blog about the corrupting practices among journalists in my country.

Scores of  tactics are applied in Pakistan by the government, non-governmental organizations, political parties, pressure groups and lobbies to influence journalists’ professional commitment.  Here is the piece of the cake as to who gets what…


    1. International Trips with the President/ Prime Minister
    2. Ticket (from political parties) to contest elections or become a Senator
    3. Official advertisements
    4. Writing off  of taxes, utility bills and loans
    5. Free internet, mobile phone connections
    6. Lavish use of official vehicles
    7. Free access to official guest houses
    8. “cooperation” to post/transfer recommended candidates on certain jobs
    9. Appointment in selection boards, boards of governors, trustees of official bodies
    10. inclusion as members of inquiry committees, charity organizations

      When the editors are corrupted in the first place, the guns are subsequently brandished at reporters in the following areas.


        1. Provision of residential plots.
        2. Fixation of Hajj (pilgrimage) quota (to Saudi Arabia) for journalists or their relatives
        3. Receptions (Breakfasts, lunches, super, dinner where journalists’ meal is paid by the host)
        4. Subsidized air and railway tickets (which journalists manipulate to get tickets for their relatives too)
        5. Trips (both national and international)
        6. Offering grants, officially-sponsored buildings for press clubs and equipment.
        7. Numerous gifts (such as cell phones, mangoes —-these are the frequently offered notorious gifts)
        8. Access to official vehicles, telephones and other facilities to do stories
        9. Access to official guest houses for personal use of journalists
        10. Cash money offered in envelopes after press conferences
        11. Free or subsidized telephone connections from cellular companies.

          These are a few forms of bribing journalists in Pakistan which I could think of while packing for Global Leadership Forum (GLF-2010)

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