Outliers – The story of success

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Malcom Gladwell

I’ve just finished reading, actually I should say I’ve just finished listening to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. This was the first book I listened to on CD and it was a great way to go through a book during my drive to school. I love American libraries! Seriously, that’s something I will miss when I’m not in the US.

Outliers is one of those books that really makes you think and ask yourself questions about all sorts of paradigms that we all have. Gladwell challenges the reader to rethink about what makes people like Bill Gates so successful. He shows through his research and good writing that success occurs as combination of many more elements than we often realize. In an interview in his website Gladwell says, “My wish with Outliers is that it makes us understand how much of a group project success is.”

This book gave me a renewed thankfullness for all the people that have helped me through life and made think again about how much we need other people in order to succeed.

You may read the full interview and some excerpt from Outliers and his other books in his website.

Michel Duarte