Washington,DC Trip

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I think that not only me but every Humphrey Fellow have same feelings that I do have .It was really exciting and more informative trip .(Global Leadership Forum),the people of 93 countries were gathered there and shared information about their countries cultures ,foods,living standards,political situation and the issues pervailing over there.I could not forget these days in my life.The panel discussions /sessions on different leadership skills and visit of Washington Post ,Voice of America . I was very excited that when Hillary Clinton came in the state department dinner hall and addressed welcome speech. Amazing time for learning and getting information about America creation.I loved a lot and I learnt a lot that I could never before.

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  1. It is really amazing. We fellows from 93 countries and at the same time gathered in DC. It is diversified gathering, friendship gathering and endless parties.

  2. Washington DC is such an international city, I remember walking around and hearing everyone speaking different languages. I hope you all loved it!

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