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I attended the Social Media Boot Camp for CEOs organized by Splash Media the other day. Registration was totally free! Just wanted to share a few things that I learned from there which I did not know before.

    1. is a  wonderful website which enables you to update your status, blog entries on at least 40 different social networks. This means you will no longer have to log in Facebook and Twitter or My Space simultaneously to update your status.
    2. “Google loves Linkedin“. Linkedin is more easily search-able for Google than any other site. So, the more you remain active on Linkedin, the brighter the prospects of being Google-searched.
    3. Youtube is NOT just like other sites. Don’t forget that the world’s second largest search engine is not Yahoo or Altavista. Its Youtube! So, put as many things related to yourself, your company as possible so that you are easily searched.
    4. Tweet at least three times a week. Big companies Tweet at least 25 times a week.
    5. Either blog regularly or don’t blog at all. Blogs with no updates for weeks and months may result in rejection of your job application with a certain company.  Employers normally visit your blogs to see your level of commitment to your job.
    6. Make sure you purchase your name+com before it is taken before anyone else does that.
    7. Make sure you make own

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