TIME questioned for cover story of Sarah Palin

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A cover story featuring Sarah Palin has been blasted because the interview was conducted over e-mail. Critics accuse that there is no way to ascertain that Palin herself actually answered the questions. In addition, the story does not identify that the interview is being conducted by e-mail until the 8th paragraph where it says, “who answered questions from TIME via e-mail.”
The salon article criticizing the decision said, “An e-mail interview easily allows the subject to avoid getting tripped up by tough questions and completely ignore unwelcome follow-ups. Palin’s media strategy is all about limiting exposure and making sure every appearance is on her own terms and in her comfort zone. That strategy requires a press so desperate for the attention Palin content generates that they bend over backward for her — and it looks like it’s all working perfectly, so far.”
The entire criticism can be read here.