Hollande’s projected leadership upon conflict in Syria

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The United States of America and France have accused Syrian president Bashar al-Assad of conducting a chemical attack the 21st of August in Ghoutta, which provoked the death of thousands, including children. Whether that is true or not, it will be known and it will be unveiled soon; while leaders and governments find a solution to the conflict.

The current president of France, François Hollande, has taken delicate decissions regarding the conflict in Syria, a situation that is affecting worldwide relationships. The name of France’s president was mentioned by Assad, current president of Syria, in an interview conducted by a journalist from Le Figaro. During parts of the interview, Assad stated basically that Hollande is under the command of the United States government, raising the question of the self-authority of the european country.

At this point it is known that France is a country that is totally involved with the United States in this conflict. Considering that, Assad questions the leadership in France, from the president to the representatives of the parliament:

“It is supposed that the representatives of the French Parliament work in favor of the interest of France… Would they challenge extremism and terrorism? Will they support the ones who were involved in the September 11th attacks in New York or those who blew up the train in Spain? Would the representatives of the French people support those who assasinate innocent people whitin France? How can they tell their people that France is a secular country while, at the same time, support sectarism and extremism in other parts of the world?”

These questions are posed under the edge of a conflict that looks like it may not incurr in armed forces. Hollande, as president and leader, is indeed a key player; as public opinion is running strongly against him. According to polls conducted in France, about two-thirds of the Frech opposed to a military action agains Syria, but he is still willing to use force as an option. This authoritarianism has been also used by the United States in previous wars but… where will it lead? Definitely, in my opinon, not to tolerance and cross-nations understanding.

Finally, it can be said that Hollande is now learning that a close allignment with Washington may make him look weak, as the conflict resolves in favor of agreements; demonstrating that his decissions are not exactly taken under the basis of France’s sole interests, but pleasing others.

By Fernando Aguilar


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