Hubert H. Humphrey in the Eyes of Aaron Brown

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Before arriving in the US to participate in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship, I kept hearing that this is such a highly prestigious fellowship. I keep wondering why, until I heard from Aaron Brown during a presentation on 4 November to the Murrow Fellows. “It is no simple matter to be a Humphrey fellow,” said Brown.

It was amazing to listen from Humphrey’s niece Ann Howard Tristani on how he was in personal life, how compassionate and caring he was for his family during our visit to the Global Leadership Forum in October.

But it was even more amazing to listen and learn the fact from Brown that during his childhood he had the privileged to listen to Humphrey at a regular basis as he was his neighbor. Humphrey used to speak about policy and politics with a group boy from his neighborhood of whose age was between eight to eleven years. Only a leader with such a vision and mind can think of speaking to a group of boys in such a manner.  Who rather than a leader like Hubert Humphrey to think of motivating at an early age so that they become high achievers and great leaders in their life.    

What brown respects most about is Humphrey’s fighting spirit. ‘He is a politician treated most badly in the history of American politics,” said Brown, “yet he stood up each time. You are a fighter you are not afraid of a fight as a Humphrey fellow.”