Face behind the Face of the Nation- Bob Schieffer

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‘Journalism is not a dying industry, Journalism is changing and the need for journalism is greater than ever,’ said seven times Emmy Award winner newscaster Bob Schieffer during the luncheon organized in his honor as he accepts the 2013 Cronkite Award. For me it was an honour to be able to listen to him live. I was watching before me a leader who has the vision and power to motivate and encourage people who believes in him.
I found Schieffer as a visionary leader with strong integrity. He hasn’t reject the power of social media/new media. But accepting the influence of the social media he just identified the facts that a journalist should take care about. “Social media is fine. Tweets and such are nice,” Schieffer said. “But journalism is not about scratching the surface. It is about going beneath the surface and finding the truth.”
‘Journalists don’t work with government we watch the government,’ this statement by Schieffer depicts how serious and responsible he finds journalism.
The question is does journalists of this time carry the same values and integrity as the early leaders in journalism as Walther Cronkite or Bob Schieffer?