How to make a great speech

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Last night, November 8, 2013, I have the opportunity to see Ryan Avery’s lecture (and show), about how to make a great speech. My special thanks to the District 3 Toastmasters Arizona that put it for free.  Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champions of Public Speaking 2012, taught how to make speech and shared his journey with her wife.  For me it was very helpful and I made some notes that I’m sharing in this blog.

Main points:

First of all make it simple!

Never ever give speeches, only send message from your heart!

People love repetition!

Does your message matters? If you have to across the Grand Canyon to say only a message, what message and for who?

The Structure


Story 1 – theme

Story 2 – same theme

Story 3 – same theme

Conclusion – go back to the introduction

Ryan’s winner speech – Trust is a Must:

After see his speech is easy identify the elements that make a great speech

Don’t make points. Tell stories;

Formula: Someone teaches you something. Don’t be the hero of your stories; Tell how you learned something or were inspired by that.

How to connect with the audience:

Formula: Person – Place – Thing. Bring on object along the story, as anchor or clip; Imagine somebody climbs a wall, he/she needs to put clip to support the steps. Make people use their imagination. If you say ” I had a orange in my hand”. People will imagine it and come in your story.

Can I smell my speech? Sounds weird. But if add sense to your speech you also engage audience. Tell details such as food, beverage, colors, smell, etc).

Paragraph x Poem – It is interesting. According to Ryan paragraph we read. Poem we speak. Break your sentences as poem. It facilitates to make pause and to memorize.

Be relatable

Never tell joke, only share fearless (I’m not sure if it is that word);

Dress to relate with people, not to impress them.

Use your family. Once you use yourself and your family as character you avoid problem to offend somebody in that multicultural world.

Use active voice.

Be Impactful. But your message should first impact yourself.

Recipe to the success

Practice, practice, and practice.


Ryan’s website:

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  1. Thank you Ivana for great tips! I agree completely and would recommend a book Presentation Zen, which has similar advices on how to deliver a great presentation.

  2. Ivana, this is great! Thanks for sharing these notes. It really dovetails well with a presentation I sat in on last Thursday by Andrea Beaulieu about telling your story for impact. Please allow me to tag along on your next Toastmaster adventure.

  3. Thank you guys. I’m glad that you could get something from this post. I’m not Toastmasters member yet, actually I didn’t know the event was organized by it. I read about in ASU events with no details.

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