10 Surprising Facts about Phoenix

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  1. You are likely to see more people in the middle of the desert on a hiking trail than downtown Phoenix on a Sunday afternoon.

  2. It is a place where you can’t see any raindrops on the ground when it is raining. Evaporation is in light speed.

  3. You can see at least 3 tattoo shops in 3 minutes walk in Downtown but reaching to the closest grocery store takes at least 20 minutes by walk. In other words, it can be easier to get a tomato tattoo than a real tomato.

  4. The spring and fall seem to coexist in Phoenix. You can see a tree full of yellow leaves next to a blooming one.

  5. Any basketball or baseball game you would go probably will make you feel as if you are in a different city. The supporters of the rival team are almost as many as (or sometimes more than) the supporters of Phoenix team.

  6. The best jokes about Phoenix are the ones you hear when you are out of Phoenix. Key words include hell and heat.

  7. Who would have thought that Phoenix used to have a more expansive “light rail” system 100 years ago?

    Source: phoenixtrolley.com
    Source: phoenixtrolley.com
  8. While a deserted looking building can actually be a cool art gallery or coffee shop, a mall looking building is always a car park.

  9. The grass in a garden means more than grass in Phoenix. It means wealth.

  10. If you are driving your car at speed limit, you are likely to be the slowest.

PS. Yes, the blog post is not about persuasion. I persuaded myself that this post would be more interesting to the audience than sharing my limited knowledge on persuasion. I hope you will be persuaded too after reading it!

by Derya Kaya

edited by Sophia Mayberry

6 Comments on “10 Surprising Facts about Phoenix”

  1. I loved this list, Derya! As someone who has lived in Phoenix for four years after splitting my childhood between Arizona and Nebraska, I love seeing other people’s take on the city. Numbers 8-10 are really astute observations.

  2. Derya,

    I loved that you took a different approach for this blog post. It was very creative! All of your facts are spot on – I didn’t even know some of them (like 7) until you wrote about them.

  3. Haha Derya I liked this post! I’ve lived in Phoenix my whole life and you are spot on. And number 3 was the best, grocery shopping is the worst downtown!

  4. This was a very interesting and good observation. I’ve lived in phoenix since 2007 but didn’t notice or pay attention to some of those things. I will definitely pay more attention to things in phoenix especially downtown. The number of coffee shops in downtown is surprising. I look forward to your next blog.

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