Motivation Can Come When We Least Expect It

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Written by: Aimee Cash
Edited by: Wahida Ifat

Everyone has goals in life. We all have somewhere we would like to be in 5, 10, 15 years(or however many years we choose) down the road. How do we get there? Through our hard work. When we have that end goal, our pursuit to accomplish it is often described with the motivation we have.

Motivation can come from a lot of places. Each person has some kind of motivator present in their life, in some form or another. For some, it is their friends or family who support them, who teach them how to push forward until they succeed. Stephen Kapoloma, one of the Humphrey Fellows I am lucky enough to call a colleague, taught us a week ago about public speaking, but as he spoke, he motivated me.

He told us a story about his friend David. David taught him to ‘click’ when he was trying to get noticed in class. People are motivated and inspired by the things they are told and taught. Stephen taught us a simple, powerful phrase.

luck is a dividend of sweat

I used to show Arabian horses. My motivation? I loved it, and I liked to win. As a result, I worked hard. I was dedicated and motivated to do everything I could to perform my very best. I was motivated to be my best because of the support of others.

That can go for almost any aspect of life. Motivation is a key part in everything we do. If we aren’t motivated, we don’t do it. And if we aren’t supported, it is hard to be motivated. However, when we are, and when we have people who support us and people to look up to, then we can accomplish great things.

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  1. I agree with you Aimee. Support is a critical element in motivation. I know my motivation certainly comes from having a very strong support network and mentors. Thanks for a great blog entry.

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