Finding My Voice: Networking Tips!

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Written by Sophia Mayberry

Edited by Derya Kaya

When I was a younger I was always the kid that adults said had an “old soul”.  I never had a problem finding my voice. I was that confident kid who had no problem talking to adult and even preferred it to playing with other kids.

I believe that this “old soul” trait from when I was younger had translated into an ease meeting new people and networking as an adult. I can walk up I came off  so adult in conversations when I was a kid, but now, I’m more casual when I am meeting new people.

That is the point of this story. Many people think that it is so important to be professional when meeting people and networking but, I think that the key to successful networking is to make a genuine connection with people. Let down the professional guard, be yourself, be honest and connect with whomever you are talking to on a human level.

The Boston Business Journal put out a list of networking tips and the first one is very similar to my tip:

“Many people think the purpose for going to a business networking event is to meet potential clients. This is no longer the case. Networking is about building trust and relationships. This is not to say you will not meet prospects at networking events because you very well may. However, meeting someone at a networking event is typically the beginning of the relationship.”


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2 Comments on “Finding My Voice: Networking Tips!”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Sophia. I think that operating on a purely professional level is a very American tradition. It is one that I am torn over. I do think that it is important to separate the professional and the personal, but I also think that building relationships is an essential part of living a fulfilling life.

    Finding a balance is the difficult part.

    1. The dreaded balance! I agree Domenico. I think there is definitely a line that should not be crossed. People respond best to people who are genuine, though, in my opinion.

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