The Voice of America

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With this week’s blogging topic being “Finding Your Voice”, I couldn’t help contemplating on the true voice of America, in the wake of all the criticisms against Coca Cola for its Super bowl Ad. The 60-sec big game commercial features an iconic American song with verses sung in seven foreign languages.

This was my first ever Super bowl, and I quite enjoyed the ads, with one of my favorites being “America The Beautiful”. What’s your opinion? Did Coke represent the voice of America?

Here’s Coca Cola’s response to its critics.


5 Comments on “The Voice of America”

  1. I’m not surprised that the ad was so quick to cause controversy because of this country’s very public struggle with illegal immigration. That being said, I think the ad is a beautiful representation of the cultural diversity present in American society, diversity that does not exist in any other country around the world. Here people are free to be American, while still retain their cultural heritage. People come here because they are free to be themselves. I understand that English is our official language, and I agree that it should remain that way, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the people that make this country so unique. I also think people should take into consideration that the song wasn’t sung with complete disregard to the English language, which was heavily represented in the ad. Great post Rhonda!

  2. I heard about the controversy but didn’t look into it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I don’t quite understand how anyone would be offended by this. The message is in support of an inclusive culture, something apparently not all Americans support.

    On a separate note, all of those other languages being sung were so pretty.

  3. WOuld it have made a difference if the singing voices were not children or young? Do we accept this ad because children have an innocence that diffuses so many other barriers adults build up?

  4. That’s a tough question, Dr. Bill. My gut feeling though is that if adult voices were used, the uproar and controversy surrounded the commercial would have been intensified. It seems so inconceivable to me though that this picture of the US would be rejected by so many. Like Tayllor and Aimee alluded to – America IS diverse, America WAS founded on immigrants. Not so?

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