My Motivation

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Photo by and used through a Creative Commons License

I love television, just ask my friends.  I’m always up for a Netflix marathon, although lately I just don’t have time.  When I have time, I watch everything from dramas to comedies to documentaries.  I love it all.

I think watching television has been a big motivator in my life, but maybe not in the most traditional way.  When I was in my junior and senior years of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for.  When everybody else seemed like they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives, I had no idea.  Forget the five year plan, I had no plan.   Then one day when I was watching television, I realized that I did know what I wanted to do. I wanted to work in television.  After that moment of clarity, I decided to pursue broadcast journalism.

Every time I watch a new show or see a great video story on television or online, I am more motivated to reach my goals.  Besides watching television, I love learning about the business and technology side of television. How we watch content is changing, and more technology is giving people new ways to watch and receive content.  All of that excites me and makes me want to work harder to achieve my goal of working in the television industry.

I think we all have something that motivates us professionally and personally. And sometimes we don’t even realize that we have something motivating us.