Discovering myself: the power of painting

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The ten-month long Humphrey year’s experience is invaluable to me. I had a journey to overcome many disappointments, and achieve amazing experiences. The most amazing of them was the power of painting.

When I was in primary school, art was compulsory. I never enjoyed it- it was a nightmare, but my sister used to paint very well. She helped me in ways which may or may not be acceptable to school authority, but I passed!

After arriving in Phoenix, I don’t know why, one day while I was coming back from a night stroll, enjoying Phoenix’s cool evening, I stopped around the corner across from my apartment. I saw a bunch of people painting. Out of curiosity, I asked what they were doing and if anyone can participate without experience. My inner soul kept pushing me that I want to paint; I really want to do it.

Finally, I did. I signed up at the Brush Party Phoenix, and arrived about an hour late out of over-excitement that I could produce a decent piece of painting among the 30 other attendees. I painted for the first time in my life!

Through the colors of paint, I found colors of life: I found the power of painting. I found that people can connect in a less formal way when they paint, which was different from what I thought about American culture.

I found people connect so easily through the colors, the transition of colors, live humans feel it is easier to connect to each other. I came late so others finished painting a few minutes earlier than me, and I was hurrying to complete my first painting- I didn’t want to leave it incomplete. I found people gathered around me, helping me, supporting me, repeating instructions which the instructor had given earlier and I wasn’t able follow while I was catching up. Help came so easily.
I found I could actually paint, and do a decent job. I found a door to a new road yet to explore. I found immense joy and pleasure that I have not felt in many years. I felt something inside me touched many colors of life in that two hours.

I found the power of painting! I felt a power within me.

Edited by Aimee Cash