Does freedom of speech rhetoric or reality

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Freedom of speech is established in the constitution of Bangladesh. But what is the reality? I want share my personal thoughts as a regular citizen of the country.
I do not feel there is freedom of speech in the country irrespective of any political party in power. I am speaking of print and digital media. Small fishes are left to float freely but big ones always manage to skip the net. I feel that media mostly carries a hidden agenda to write in favor of the ruling power.
Social media specially facebook is very popular in Bangladesh and it’s growing. On many occasions during some controversial political situation, people specially younger generation post their honest opinions, obviously the posts are not in favor of the ruling government. Is there freedom of speech truly exist? Then why I have posted and alerted many of my young friends not to post such brutal truth on Facebook. Though the right to freedom of speech is established in Bangladesh’s constitution . Yet I feel an urge to protect the people I know, I care about. The forced disappearances of people from all walks of life in Bangladesh make me uncomfortable of posting anything which may or may not be in favor of the people in power. It is a debate if there is truly freedom speech exists in my country or it is a myth written in the constitution like many other issues.

Edited by Aimee Cash