Motivation in non-profit sectors

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The power of motivation is a strong tool for a leader to achieve goals. In non-profit sectors motivation is a strong tool to achieve objectives and goals. Resource constraints are a common phenomenon in non-profits.

During my professional career I had to implement and achieve goals using the powerful tool of motivation on many occasions wanted to share a few observations.

Passion for work: If you have the passion for your work, it becomes easier to keep yourself motivated and motivate others as well. It is a struggle to find motivation where we do not have any interest.

Power of speech: Choose your words carefully when you are speaking to colleagues or people from a rural or tribal community to get your work done. It always helps to speak to a group from the community prior to the formal training/event. A general conversation gives an idea of the tone and vocabulary appropriate for a particular community. There are always people who are not persuaded easily, so be prepared to address their queries in advance.

Communication: It is important to keep a continuation of services which have been committed to and address any concerns which may come from the community. It is a good idea to have a communications strategy, and a bi-weekly or monthly work plan on how to communicate with the concerned people from a particular community and influential leaders. People want to stay connected- this helps to keep the work going.

Respect your commitments: It is highly important to keep your commitments. Otherwise you will lose trust and once you do that, it is not easy to regain.

Be creative and be assertive: Do not think that ever that something is unachievable: always have a positive mind.

Respect people: The people who seem to be less impressive may prove to be the most valuable or the key person who might be motivated to help you achieve your goal.

Edited by Aimee Cash