The incident of Ferguson is not an incident but a shocking human lost

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The incident of Ferguson was quite horrific and shocking. The evidences from both sides still refute each other and the process of claims and counter-claims is still unsatisfactory.

Police, as the ultimate source of ensuring safety and security of public, are principally responsible to detect criminal activities and neutralize them before they cause social disarray. On the other hand, the public is provisioned with a huge set of privileges including freedom of life, speech, and employment which should be properly practiced and preserved.

Regardless, the attorney general Eric Holder is personally engaged in the issue, but still the showdown and the consequences of the special investigation are perplexing.

Though, New York Times reported ( that Mr. Brown was seen in a robbery case short ago he was gunned down but the video clip dose not predicates the murder and authorizes Mr. Wilson to shot down him right-away in the criminal scene.

On the other hand, as claimed by police department, even if Mr. Brown was heading toward Mr. Wilson in deadly manner, definitely Mr. Wilson was privileged as other ordinary citizens to defend himself, but Law clarifies that self-defense measures should be balanced to the threats addressed to you by others.

For instance, if someone unreasonably slaps you, definitely you own the rights to protect yourself but not by firing serial gun shots toward him/her and taking his/her life.

Whatever the case is, the incident is very horrible and deterrent. The white-hot public protest in

Ferguson is a wake-up call to the American legal and judiciary system. The issue should be properly investigated, the roots and causes should be clarified, and public should be satisfied with the outcomes come out of the investigation process.

Moreover, police departments should enhance the professional capacities of the police officers to understand the purview of their responsibilities and the citizens’ rights.

Video-cameras that record all movements, duty and activities of police officers should be willy-nilly pre-requisites. Police officers should carry and activate camera-recordings whenever and wherever they handle official business.

Lastly, the death of Mr.Borwn is not only an incident but a human lost. As racial dispute and discrimination is still visible in some societies and minds, government should implement public awareness focused on personal rights, human rights, and equality between all. These implementations will enforce the idea that no one is better than another. History shows that when racial, tribal and religions disputes arise; horrible social disputes simmer very soon.