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Among a few but really great memories of my experience at the Global Leadership Forum, is my encounter and interaction with colleagues of Sub-Saharan Africa. I was privileged to personally interact with a couple of my colleagues here, who shared with me similar experiences that i have had since coming to the United States. We became acquainted, and experienced such bond that seemed natural for unexplained reasons, shared, listened, hugged and encouraged each other. My interaction with this community of colleagues has since impacted how i feel about myself and strengthened me to continue my stay in the United States. Meeting them was therapeutic and has boosted my confidence, thus making GLF memorable for me.

As a group, we worked together on crafting workable solutions and charting the course of actions for our region in the addressing Climate Change.

Our slogan, adopted from an unknown author, is GLOCAL, a mouthful for acting local and thinking global. We acknowledge the numerous constraints and challenges facing our region, including: financial, resources, expertise among others, in addressing Climate Change. Yet, we vowed to use work with what’s available to us, as professionals and as individuals at our community levels.

The experience was also enriching to me, because, most of the Presenters and Speakers at the event, validated a lot of my concerns, struggles and ambitions as a Leader. The presentation of the Legacy of Hubert H. Humphrey made an inspiring and challenging impression on me.

I was afforded the opportunity to tour some of the historic sites and places of the United States Government. This presented me with the confirmation of my countrymen common saying that Liberia copied almost everything from the US. Truly, as we drove around Capitol Hill, I became dumbfounded because of the extent of copying of US Capital Hill. We even named our Capital Hill. By the way, did you know that, our flag is also almost copy, except for the number of stars