Short Test for Person Who Wants to be Leader

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Water is cold and dangerous

By Evaldas Labanauskas

Do you really want to be a leader? Have you asked yourself why do you want to be a leader? There are much more people who are happy not being leaders. Why? The  answer is simple – because it is easer to live that way. 

So, think again and if you still dream about the leadership, try to be honest with yourself and answer these questions:

a) Are you sure you want to have this responsibly? To decide everything, starting from what to buy in the grocery store or the destiny of a person or an organization. 


b) Are you ready to advance your knowledge and skills your entire life? 

c) Are you prepared to participate in heavy competitions all of your life? At first you are trying to be a leader and just later you realize that you must survive as a leader.  


d) More you go up, more you can fall down. Do you really need this? 

e) What are you ready to sacrifice for being a leader?    

No keyboard key finger

f) Are you ready to say NO and/or to take very hard decisions (for example to look at the eyes of a person whom you must fire)? 

g) Do you like to take risks? You will have to if you are up to be a leader; and more often than you think.


h) Are you ready to compromise your believes and commitments for sake of leadership?

i) And finally, are you ready most of your life to be  alone? 

If you answered all of these questions YES – good luck to you.