Dumb and Dumber To: Far from leaders but with notable qualities

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By Armen Sargsyan, Krista Kull and Alexis Macklin

After two decades of absence, the Farrelly brothers released a long awaited sequel to Dumb and Dumber. The famed comedy directors released Dumb and Dumber To as a follow up to the first adventures of Lloyd and Harry.

Though Lloyd and Harry never have a clear plan or are smart enough to figure out the situation for themselves, they exemplify positive leadership skills and prove that anyone can be a leader.

The movie begins at a mental institution with Lloyd in a vegetable-like state. Harry has been visiting Lloyd every day for the past twenty years. Lloyd reveals that his stay at the hospital was all a prank. They of corse have a good laugh over the entire charade. Harry then reveals that he is in need of a kidney and cannot find a match. After returning home to years of mail, the pair learn that Harry has a long-lost daughter. The duo venture on a road trip to find Harry’s daughter and convince her to give him a kidney.

Dumb and Dumber To was an average movie at best and a disappointing sequel to a beloved comedy classic. Lloyd and Harry’s stupidity boarder on the annoying side and the plot of the movie seemed like a waste, but every bad movie has its perks and we can learn a thing or two from Lloyd and Harry.

Although Lloyd and Harry fight, they always have each other’s back. When Lloyd falls in love with Harry’s daughter, Harry is livid. They have a a drawn out fight, but eventually make up. A leader knows who they should keep close and those they should keep at a distance. Loyal friends help you succeed when all is lost and negative energy brings you down. Lloyd and Harry are friends ’til the end and know that they can work through any argument.

Another inspiring quality is their unwavering optimism. Even when the pair travel the opposite way on their road trip in the first movie, they figure out a way to reach their goals. Their decision was not the smartest, but their positive energy helped them accomplish their goal of getting the girl even when their situation looked impossible. Their ability to shrug their shoulders and move on is a positive attribute to take away from the movie.

Their last and most notable leadership quality it bravery. At the end of the movie, Harry jumps in front of his daughter to save her from a gun shot. Their fearless action is probably a consequence of being so idiotic they lack common sense, but it is important to remember to stop thinking so much and follow your heart.

Lloyd and Harry are far from being role models and are in a need of a strong leader themselves, but they have heart that keeps them pushing forward. Their stupidity prevents them from growing as leaders and leading themselves in an effective manner. Their shenanigans, like pretending to be a vegetable in a mental institution, are not thought out and serve no purpose. A true leader knows to plan ahead and only embarks on journeys that will have benefits.

The duo’s lack of intelligence also gives themselves the illusion that they are intelligent. Lloyd can be seen repeatedly telling Harry what is right, but he is always wrong. They don’t take the time to invest in knowledge and learning, an essential part of a leader. Leaders invest in learning more about how to be better leaders. This builds their confidence and knowledge in their expertise.

A great leader has the good hearts of Lloyd and Harry, but with an investment in knowledge and understanding.

4 Comments on “Dumb and Dumber To: Far from leaders but with notable qualities”

  1. It is rare to see a comedy honored at the Academy Awards. So I was pleased to see you choose Dumb and Dumber To. You were able to provide a fresh perspective on leadership through the prism of what some would deem to be an unlikely source.

  2. Out of all the movies, this would be the last movie I would expect leadership lessons from. But your group presented an engaging, colorful and exciting project. I loved that you analyzed the real life actors as well and provided insightful information about them and their journey to success.

  3. I would have never thought to pull leadership lessons from the movie, Dumb and Dumber To…but you honestly pulled lessons that apply to everyday life. Your presentation was humors but also insightful. Some of the leadership lessons you presented to us will stay with me because they were very applicable to our lives.

  4. “Dumb and Dumber To was an average movie at best… but every bad movie has its perks and we can learn a thing or two from Lloyd and Harry.” Well said. And although they’re in need of a strong leader themselves, your words, you found qualities of strength, bravery, optimism and perseverance, which are qualities everyone should strive to have. Leaders are people who see the best in everyone, and it seems as though you saw the best in Lloyd and Harry and are leaders yourselves. Well done.

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