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Reviewed by Alexis Macklin

This school year and the Humphrey program will come to an end in few days. We have shared so many reflections already with out friends, fellows, schoolmates and host families.

The main impact will arrive after getting back home. I do not make a secret that I am not ready to go home yet, the main reason of that is that from the very first moment after arriving to Sky Harbor airport I felt, this is my place. Yes, mostly because of the sunny climate, but not only for that.

I have met great people, all of them came to teach me something new. Most of all simple things of life like, humility, tolerance and being and feeling free. Al the Fellows from nine different countries are great personalities. can you imagine, that there are more than 7 billion people on planet earth and ten of these met here in the US, at ASU. This is amazing!

I’m happy that I have had a chance to meet my son here, in the USA. He is the most important man and person in my life and sharing my feelings and experience especially with him is very important to me.

The hardest part of this Humphrey experience is ahead, the going home in June. Then I can use my leadership skills and knowledge I learned here in the ASU to prove myself and my being 10 months away from my job. Changes are safe and I might not be willing to continue where are finished last year in August. Time will show, the reality will show…..people around me will show.

Dream a big dream, don’t be afraid of dreaming! And one day you dream come true!

My personal statement after the Humphrey year is:” Being friendly and open minded, learning and experiencing new knowledge, I have become a better person and professional, never forgetting where I’m coming from”.

Thank you for this great time, I am sure that this journey continues!

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