Work/Life Balance

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When venturing into the working world, it is always important to remember that throughout your time in the work force you need to maintain a proper work/life balance. This means making sure you have enough time for you, your work and your family. I also think that this means that you must make time in your life for hobbies other events.

To me making sure that you are not overworked, seeing your family enough and having time for yourself is always important. Research has shown many American’s are overworked and too focused on their jobs rather than making sure they share their time among all parts of their lives, because of this I decided to look up some tips to maintain a good work/life balance.

These are the best one’s I found from this Guardian article:

-Step away from your email

-Say no (within reason)

-Work smarter, not harder

-Leave your work at work

-Forget about perfection

-Don’t be a martyr

-Ease off the adrenaline

-Think about retirement

-Make them wait (within reason)

-Set your own rules (again within reason)

From this list my favorite tips are marking sure you step away from your email when you are home, in fact step away from most technology, the TV, cell phone, etc. Pay more attention to your loved ones and have a conversation with the face to face rather than texting or watching TV.

As someone who tends to be an overachiever and take on too much, I really need to consider these tips when committing to things. I do not want to be someone who does not give my family enough attention, I would like to make sure I get a good job that will allow me to have time for myself and make time for my family.

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2 Comments on “Work/Life Balance”

  1. Good tips! I especially liked “Don’t be a martyr.” I think people (probably myself included) often get caught up in the idea that they must be a slave to the cause/work their doing and should sacrifice themselves for the sake of everyone else and to impress their boss.

  2. I like work smarter, not harder. Good workers are not necessarily the first to show up and last to leave, but the ones that are passionate about their work enough to take care of themselves so they can perform their best.

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