Beyonce: The Leader of Today

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Whether you believe in the Beyonce movement or not, it is hard to form an argument against the notion that she is a powerful leader.

Taking a look at and you’ll find she is a leader and figurehead in the music industry. However, not only is she dominating on the music scene but on the social scene.

As any great leader, a leader is able to install a sense of pride and determination in their followers. Additionally, spur them into action in order to progress to a common goal. With a loyal fan base that amounts to more than six millions and is dubbed the “Bey Hive”, I think she’s doing something right.

Intentionally, Beyonce has been able to start conversation about this generation’s most racist topics. She covertly manipulates her audience by portraying social conflicts into her catchy lyrics. Using this technique, she is able to inherently instill a message into her millions of followers spurring them to then rally against social issues.


Pretty hurts

Shine the light on whatever’s worse

Perfection is the disease of a nation


In her album, Beyonce, the song “Pretty Hurts” she criticizes the cultural construction of Western civilizations. This song encouraged a movement of body positivity.


Her recent song “Formation” has created discussion of a probable black power movement. During her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime, she sported costumes reminiscent of the Black Panthers. The music video supports ideals that coincide with the reversed traditional roles of black servants and white supremacy.


Beyonce is a leader because she is able to evoke a strong emotional response from her audience that is able to create action