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leadership-by-followership-resizeLeadership is about taking responsibilities, stepping up to challenges and never be found wanting. For me the roadmap to leadership is a gradual step. If you have never been a good follower, there’s no way you can be a good leader. By being a follower, a good one at that, you already know how not to be a bad leader.
A leader is one who is honest, committed to a cause, ideals, goals, transparent and not deceitful. He is one who is able to carry other members of his group along, with a listening ear devoid of judgmental opinions.
With all of these traits and more, it is important for a leader to be decisive, take up challenges and never let followers down by springing up negative surprises and betrayals. Some people believe leaders are born, other say they are made, I believe true leaders are they are born and made! Nothing good in life is just given, it has to be earned too. Acquire the skills that will ensure you are not just a good leader, but one worthy of being emulated.

...you just have to carry your own along.
…you just have to carry your own along.

Growing up, all I wanted to be was a journalist, a broadcast journalist. Bringing information to the people, being the voice of the voiceless, the bruised, the hurt, the trampled upon, the neglected, the forsaken, the unheard among others. But how then would I be able to achieve all of these without getting the right skills, littler wonder one of my dreams, vision and drive is to acquire best practices in the business of journalism and I am stopping at nothing to be at the peak of my career and not just wanting it on a platter of gold. Not for the position alone but also to affect the world around me positively, living a purpose driven life.
The only mentors in the professional line I had while growing up were the one I saw read the news and report on tv. My first contact with a broadcasting house was after my first year in higher institution, although all through school I went on to acquire professional trainings sponsored by my father who believed in me and encouraged me. Though, some people do not have the same opportunity, I also believe same opportunity can do a lot of good too if it came early.
These brought me to the realization of helping younger people with my skills and talents to help them fashion their path early in life, to get grounded in their dreams and aspirations. I intend to do this not only for people who see their passion in journalism but in other professions too. I see the learning by doing style of imparting knowledge in the US education system. I wish more of these can be done in my country, but before then I will do my part in channelling this dream to reality.
I believe if we begin to inculcate the right teachings, motivations and encouragements into younger people from scratch, we’ll be able to reclaim our society and build a virile and conducive one.
My Humphrey year is doing a good job of introducing ‘me to me’! Everyone is unique in his or her own way, you only need to find yourself and what you are good at. It is not profitable or purpose driven to get involve in a whole lot of activity as opposed to productivity, if you can put up with the two, good luck, if not, it’s not a bad zone.
There is no one way to success, define your path, be focus, avoid distractions, mistakes come, do not dwell in it. It doesn’t matter the number of times you fall or fail, what matters most is not staying down in such ‘failures’. As Rick Warren said in his book, Purpose driven life, ‘If God only used perfect people, nothing will ever get done.