Honoring my father, an affirmation of the leader inside me

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Luc Kimbouala Nkaya was born in 1938. He entered the Ecole Militaire Saint Cyr Coëtquidan (France)
Military and politician having largely marked the collective imaginary in the Congo and died in troubled circumstances

Is the short words about biography of my father that can be found on google search. Being his daughter, and very proud of it, I know that that too short and very concise bio doesn’t give credit to who he really was, and how much he accomplished in a short period of time in that earth.

That is to say, my leadership goals, plans or whatever future is lead by the fact of giving back credit to my father by showing people who he really was and how it is an honor to be his daughter.

That has always been inside of me, without actually knowing what to do and how to do it to make it happens. Concretely, I have always choose to be sheltered from any needs, and not taking any risks. But I learned that risks are part of evolution. So I started looking on the best way to empower myself and be able to master not only in may job, career but also in front of my close friends and family. Personal mastering, or development will with no doubt influence professional and career development. Not that I to get involved in politics,to walk into my fathers steps, but it is important for me to remind people about his accomplishments and be able to move forward with mine at the same time.

The one year exposure and experience I will get from my Humphrey year in US, will contribute in many ways at least strongly clarify actions to take to reach one goals.

I have already managed to work on my self-insurance and confidence, nut I am still learning and sharpening my paths to leadership. In that the book from Kevin Cashman ” Leadership From Inside out” gave me an additional insight regarding the leadership perception. It is deeply engrained in me, even running in my veins and genes. There is still a long way to go, nevertheless the main thing is that I am a the right path and a lot of work is still needed to reach the point. That work is worth it.