My Path Towards Leadership

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Photo Archive/2016/09-September/Tempe-Day2 Career Fair Tempe Day 2

After being in the Humphrey Seminar this semester, I am glad I was a part of it. I enjoyed being in a classroom filled with different cultures and bright individuals from across the world. This class has impacted my surroundings and has given me a better understanding of the world.

The seminar had a main focus on leadership, which I thought was extremely important. Throughout the period of this seminar, I have established a leadership plan to focus my future on.

Next semester, for Spring 2017 I plan to finish my last semester as an undergrad and finally graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Business Communication and minor in Media Analysis. In this last semester, I plan to continue applying/interviewing for different positions. I plan to work in the Marketing, PR or Communications Field. It’s going to be a difficult semester, but I plan to never give up and strive for success. I also hope to stay confident and positive throughout my last semester. picture1

Once graduation comes around, I plan to make my family proud by finally walking across that stage. Before heading into my career, I want to travel. My hope is to explore the world, so that I can continue growing and learning. I want to experience different cultures and try different foods. I think the more I travel, the more I will cherish my life and want to begin my career.

For my career, I have come up with five steps to ensure my success and make sure I stay focused. These steps will also help keep my leadership balanced and continue to focus on the real reason.

  1. Negotiate an offer for the best possible position
  2. Accept the position with no regrets
  3. Don’t compare your success with other people
  4. Remember that we all have a different path to success
  5. Embrace any changes that might come forth


Finally, after working three to four years I plan to go back to school. I want to get my MBA or possibly a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. I hope to come upon my answer during my career. I want to continue improving on myself and I find it important to go back to school.

To develop my leadership plan, I read Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. 


This book is interesting, inspiring, and ultimately a good read. I’ve always heard stories about Steve Jobs and his leadership at Apple. However, I never realized how impactful Jobs was in people’s lives. He had friends in the industry, but not everyone saw that side of him. With his leadership, Jobs transformed the way we communicate. He created the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, which shows that he was a mastermind with. This book features an aspiring Jobs and the value he would soon add to Apple Inc. This book is the newer and less popular version of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, which I read when it came out back in 2011.

It tells the story of Steve Jobs through Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. The authors of this book used to work for Fortune and Fast Company. This story focuses on the point of view of Schelnder who would interview Jobs and feature him on Fortune. This book is supposed to fix Steve Jobs’ reputation and show us that he was human. It clearly shows the relationship that Steve Job had for Brent and how they became close friends. I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the technology field. It shows us the crazy life that Steve Jobs lived and his drive to continue innovating the technology industry.

I want to end this post with one of the quotes from the book. This quote is important to me because in order to be successful in my eyes I have to do something that I love to do. I can’t accept a position I won’t feel comfortable.

“Your time is limited, so don’t go waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs