“To fight for freedom!” – mission statement of Alex Gorbachev

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My name is Alex Gorbachev. I came from Russia, where I worked for 7 years as a reporter, and later as a chief deputy editor for nation-wide daily newspaper named The Independent. It was hard, but never boring – in Russia you have to fight for your personal rights, for freedom of speech every day. Our political department always tried to present to our readers alternative opinions and to withstand the pro-Kremlin propaganda.

As a Humphrey Fellow, I want to bring home lessons from the land of the free. Even if America has problems it has a lessons to learn. I would like to hone my professional skills taking the best from the American media experience.

 Photo by: Marcus Chormicle.

I also want to experience America – the land of opportunities, I want to absorb its culture. I want to quench my thirst for freedom, I want to fight for freedom and democracy together with my colleagues in Russia, who are struggling with a dictator’s regime of Vladimir Putin.

I believe in freedom and I believe in democracy.