Learning More About Our Cultures and Becoming a Global Leader

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On 29th of August I participated in a great event with some of other Humphrey Fellows: The Dance Performance by “Yellow Bird Productions”.  Yellow Bird Productions,  a family company, has been performing their authentic music and dance, and hence, contribute to the understanding of Indian culture around the world for more than 25 years (http://www.yellowbirdproductions.com). It was a great event and I would like to thank both Dr. Ben Beresford and Dr. Ara Barsam from the Melikian Center for inviting us, on behalf of all Humphrey fellows joining the event.  

During their performance we also learnt about Indian cultures, because the Mother and the Manager of the group, Doreen Duncan, and the father and the director of the company, Ken Duncan, explained the meanings of their dances before we watched them. I have been quite affected especially by Ken Duncan’s speech. At the end of his speech he explained the purpose of their  shows. They try to protect their culture and try to teach future generations what they have learnt from their ancestors. I think, this is crucial for becoming a global leader. Both Ken Duncan and Doreen Duncan speak perfect English. However, they also perfectly know their own language and teach their children. They are in close relationship with the rest of the world without losing their identities. To be a global leader one should follow what’s going on in the world. Besides, he/she should have something to share with the rest of the world, that is his/her culture and history. I am in USA and I am here to learn about this country and culture as well as improving my professional skills. However every day, I deeply feel the necessity of  reading more about my own country, culture and history. I think this is a big challenge of becoming a good leader.

3 Comments on “Learning More About Our Cultures and Becoming a Global Leader”

  1. Great to hear from you serpil. I missed it. I planed to go there but due to Fasting I cant manage it as I feel so tired in the evening. Culture is way of life. I like their approach to protect their culture.

    Stay well

  2. This is beautiful. The balance of both cultures is a difficult thing to master. It’s hard for me when I travel to maintain my heritage and keep with the traditions of the country I am in. Sometimes I find myself wanting to slip back into English, go eat at McDonald’s and watch baseball. It’s hard to lose the comforts of home. It takes talent to thrive in one culture, let alone two. So kudos.

  3. An interesting topic. Learning about one’s culture is as essential as exploring someone else’s culture. You have a genuine point when you say that we need to study about our own cultures because there are the people who would like to know our cultures (hitherto unknown to our hosts or fellow Humphrey Fellows from different countries).

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