The Freedom of Silence in Blogging?

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I am digesting and redigesting all that has been said and seen in our little HHH community during this past month. And I wanted so badly to post anything on Friday till midnight as we had agreed, but… Just couldn’t pull one clear thread from the patchwork of so many thoughts in my head.

Maybe it is a part of the same “too many passwords syndrom” that Yang mentionned and others mostly agreed. Maybe it is simply a moment when it is simply too much information poured simultaneously from so many different sides into one simple human head. And the head that comes from a different system of thinking patterns and needs more effort to not only think in a foreign language, but also to follow the meta-language of local people’s communication habits.

There is also a question of the content of this blog. It looks to me that it started looking like a combination of a professional group blog and several personal blogs. What in fact do we want? What can possibly want from us a potential reader who doesn’t share the “pleasure” part that follows our “business” purpose of being here?

Is blog a “genre” that imposes us deadlines in terms of hours or can we be free to spread the freedom of a silent moment until we have a clear mind next morning after some serious thinking? I am not saying weeks, just a longer moment of relaxed thinking when we feel like needing one to write a better piece of reading.

Can a blogger afford that? What do you all  think?

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7 Comments on “The Freedom of Silence in Blogging?”

  1. Daria,

    I like your title of the blog. As we have no power. We can express our ideas to the people whether or not it brings about changes in the lives of people. Who cares about our ideas?

  2. Dear Daria, I think the blog is a good beginning. As you elegantly mentioned, we are currently confronted with so many wanted and unwanted issues (password syndrome topping the list), it is really not possible to write a thematic, organized or professional blog.
    I admire Dr. Bill for giving us the liberty to write whatever topic pleases us. As time passes, I am sure we will see a sequence of ideas and more maturity to what we right.
    We can either categorize the posts (like personal, professional, events, Humphrey Seminar, Must See Mondays etc) or let it be the way it is. After all, I enjoy reading this blog because it is a blend of personal and professional posts. One does not feel the sense of redundancy.

  3. Thank you both to help me organize better my thoughts. I’ll say more in the post with some links as I don’t know how to insert those in comments. If you do, will you teach me?

  4. just copy and paste them in comments as I don’t see any options suggesting how to insert them as done in the routine posts.

  5. I am doing research for my college paper, thanks for your helpful points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    – Kris

  6. I was searching about your topic, “The Freedom of Silence in Blogging? – Humphrey Fellows at Cronkite” at one of the similar websites I keep in my reader. You’re basically in agreement with them. It isn’t what I believed, nevertheless I’m beginning to see now that I’m in all probability absolutely wrong… amazing..

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